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CMS Artist In Residence Application
The Claremont MakerSpace (CMS) Artist In Residence Program is designed to empower New Hampshire and Vermont based artists with tools, training and space to create compelling new work. Each CMS Artist In Residence receives $800 towards the creation of new work at the CMS, two months of Unlimited CMS Membership, a dedicated studio space at the CMS, and training to use new tools. Each residency runs for two months

All mediums and levels of experience are welcome to apply. Residencies are open to both NH and VT artists. Artists from New Hampshire may apply to any of the five residency periods. Artists from Vermont may apply for the second and fifth residency.

Applications for the next residency (R4) are being taken now. The application will be open until 4/15/2021. To apply for the CMS Artist In Residence program, please fill out the application below. Please send any questions to: Past applicants that did not receive a residency may reapply.

The CMS Artist In Residence Program and TwinState MakerSpaces, Inc. is supported in part by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
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Note: Applicants who are not selected for a particular residency period may reapply for a new period, as long as the newly selected period does immediately follow the period for which they previously applied. Ie. An artist who applies for the February - March period may apply for the April - May period as well.
What do you make? *
If there are links to see your work online, please list them here:
Are there any places in the greater Claremont/Upper Valley region (galleries, public areas, etc.) where we can see your work?
Why do you want to be the CMS Artists In Residence? *
What do you plan to create at the CMS? *
What unique resources at the CMS will support the creation of this new work? Please be as specific as possible. *
What tools and/or processes would like/need to learn at the CMS in order to create this new work? *
Will the creation of your new work require, or benefit from, volunteer assistance? Note, the Claremont Makerspace is primarily a volunteer based organization. If so, please explain. *
The CMS Artist In Residence will receive two months of Unlimited Membership and a 10’x10’ studio at no cost. Will you be able to complete your proposed new work within these two months? *
The CMS Artist in Residence will receive a $800 stipend towards the creation of new work at the CMS. What percentage of your new work will be supported by this amount? Please provide a basic outline of your proposed projects budget. *
The CMS Artist In Residence is required to lead at least one community class - for any skill level, in any medium - during their residency. What class would you like to run? *
Are you willing to provide a brief report at the end of each month to impart your progress, process and overall experience at the CMS? *
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