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1)The admission and administrative process was
2)Approachability of staff in the office
3)Teaching Faculty in the Institution
4)Library in the college is
5)Usefulness of library is:
6)WiFi facility in the Institution
7)College ground is
8)Post office and other supporting amenities are
9)Bank and ATM centre facilities are
10)Hostel facilities in the campus is (for those who stayed in hostel)(mention which hostel)
11)Hostel mess facilities (mention which mess)
12)Proximity of the Hostel to the Institution 1) Far and inconvenient 2) Close by and convenient
13)Canteens and cafeteria inside the campus is (Fast Food Centre, Nandini milk booth, Nescafe booth)
14)Overall opinion about the KVGDC Campus
15)Mention three strength of the campus
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16)Mention three areas where campus have to improve:
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Suggestions for improvement
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