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Call for Speakers to GEC, 2018
17th to 18th November, Islamabad Pakistan

PixelArt Games Academy, the organizers of the Games Emerge Conference (GEC), are now accepting submissions to present talks, panels sessions, workshops and tutorials, till 20th of October 2018.

We are aiming to present Pakistan's biggest gathering of the game developers and artists at GEC, 2018.

This will be the Pakistan's third video game development and interactive entertainment conference. GEC, 2018 will take place in the mid of November in Islamabad, Pakistan. The conference will have two days of talks, panel discussions and lectures and Pakistan Games Show happening alongside.

Note: No fee will be paid to any speaker/presenter. Speakers will get free conference pass/food and snacks during the conference. Speakers from outside Islamabad, Pakistan have to manage their own accommodation and travel expense.

For Queries:
Ph. 051 8740024
Islamabad, Pakistan

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Session's Format and Guide for Speakers
Speakers can select one of the following option for the sessions.

A. Solo Talk (45-min max)
- 30 minutes talk/lecture
- 15 minutes Q&A

B. Panel Session (1-hour max)
- 15 minutes topic presentation
- 30 minutes discussion
- 15 minutes Q&A
- Each panelist on the same panel has to fill this form separately but with same title of the panel

C. Hands-on Workshop (2-hours max)
- 30 minutes lecture
- 1 hour and 30 minutes exercises
- Must contain practical work

Note: Speakers can change the layout of their session to meet their requirements, as long as the it does not exceed the total allotted time.

**Tracks of the Conference**
The content for your session must revolve around at least one of the following areas of game development.

- Game Design and Production
- AI in Games
- Art and Animations
- Sound Design and Composition
- Video Game Narratives
- User research in Games
- Mobile Games Market and User Monetization
- Quality Assurance in Games

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