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Student Feedback Form
Dear Students,
This form has been designed to seek feedback from you to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning environment and to provide best possible facilities. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.
For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.
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The teachers’ attitude towards the students is friendly & helpful.
The teachers communication skills in terms of articulation and comprehensibility is good.
The curriculum/syllabus is completed in time.
Ability of teachers to integrate course material with environment/other issues is good
Scholarships/Welfare facilities, canteen and other amenities is taken care of by the college
Teachers use of experential learning and problem solving methodologies help us in enhancing our learning experiences.
The teachers are available and accessible in the Department after lecture hours.
Regular and timely feedback is given on our performance.
The evaluation process is fair and unbiased.
The college has a transparent mechanism for timely redressal of grievances
The functioning of the placement cell in the college is effective.
The campus interview conducted by the placement cell is a boon for us.
The Value Education and Value Added Courses of the college help in imparting transferable life skills.
Learning resources in the library are available.
Internet /wi fi /other IT resources are adequate.
Academic flexibility provided by the college is beneficial.
The office staff in the college is cooperative and helpful.
The diversity culture and presence of students out of Maharashtra and foreign students is amicable and conducive.
The prescribed books / reading materials/appropriate learning resources are easily accessible in the library.
One of the best practices of our college providing “welfare to the masses” is very satisfactory.
The overall college mission, vision and teaching is comprehensively student centric
The mentoring system introduced by the college is very beneficial.
Our teachers role as counselors is very much appreciable
Remedial education in english and other subjects helps many of our rural students
Bridge courses in accountancy, economics and maths introduced by the college plays a significant role in improving our academic performance
The college provides ample opportunities for involvement in co curricular, extra curricular,extra mural and extension activities.
The college campus is bereft of ragging and gender inequality issues
Field trips, industrial visits are organized frequently and effectively.
Additional guidance and personal attention is rendered by the teachers for research projects and viva-voce
As MMCCites we are very proud of our college outstanding national, international award winning achievements in the arena of sports/cultural activities
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