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Kannagi Nagar Postcard Project
‘The Neighbourhood Postcard Project collects personal positive stories from underrepresented communities and mails them to random people in different neighbourhoods within the same city to catalyze connections between people and neighbourhoods.’ The neighbourhood post card project is a way for communities that are separated by economic and social barriers to exchange narratives on how they perceive their neighbourhood and what identifies their community.

The Kannagi Nagar Postcard Project is an initiative developed by Urban Design Collective in collaboration with St+Art India.

Kindly enter your personal details below if you would like to receive a written Postcard from the Kannagi Nagar Postcard project. The postcards have been written by the residents of Kannagi Nagar during the Community Festival at Kannagi Art District hosted by St+Art India.

*Please Note: The Postcards are filled out in Thamizh and will only be shipped within Chennai. They will be sent on a first come basis.
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