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Food Vendor Application for RTP Festival
Please complete and submit to apply for a food vending booth at Raise The Praise 1 day Festival. Food Vendors will set up Saturday, June 20th, 2020 by 3:00 p.m. They will closing their booth during the evening ministry time after which food vendors may reopen. RTP’s events are ‘free’ to the public. RTP absorbs all the cost and promotion to provide the festivals and our vendors are able to benefit. The vending fee is $75.00 and is paid in advance through our website using our Paypal which is posted on every page. Click and follow instructions. Payment is expected when the Vendor Director confirms your application. To help our Food Vendors with their sales, we limit the number of Food Vendors to 3 or less.

The Festival is being held at Veterans Park, 140 Scotch St. Hendersonville, TN. The Vendor Director will notify you as soon as your application has been approved, payment will then be due. **You will need a generator for the festival**.
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The following are food codes required by the Hendersonville, TN Fire Department
1. Open flame or devices emitting flame, fire, or heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or other cooking device shall not be permitted inside or underneath or within 20 ft of the tent/membrane structure.
2. Portable fire extinguishers shall be required, secured, and visible (ABC type)
3. Outdoor cooking cannot be within 20 ft
4. Propane tanks have to be secured and no closer than 10 ft. to a tent/membrane structure.
5. Generators and other internal combustion power sources shall be separated from tent/membrane structures by a minimum of 20ft. and shall be **isolated from contact with the public** by fencing, enclosure, or other approved means.
6. All trucks and or trailers used for food preparations must meet Hendersonville City Fire Codes AND the International Fire Code (IFC) and shall have a fire suppression system installed. (**Fire extinguishers will NOT be considered as an installed system**)
7. All food vendors using **heat** of ANY kind, **must be signed off by the Fire Marshal's office**.
8. **All food vendors SHALL follow the guidelines** provided by the Hendersonville Fire Departement. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in IMMEDIATE SHUT DOWN.
This is guideline only and is NOT all inclusive. The Fire Marshal's Office of the Hendersonville Fire Department enforces the International Fire Code to its minimum standard.


Questions and further information contact the Hendersonville Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office - 615-822-1119
The Following Is Required By Raise The Praise Productions INC
1. Vendors MUST provide Certificate of Liability Insurance.
2. Vendors MUST be set up by 3:00 pm day of the event (6/20/20) unless otherwise requested to be set up earlier by the food vendor Director Amy Whittimore.
3. Vendors MUST close during ministry time and reopen immediately afterwards.
4. Vendors MUST set up with whatever equipment/food wagons they use and at closing MUST leave their area CLEAN.
5. Vendors ARE NOT allowed to sell any alcoholic beverages or tobacco of any kind.
6. Vendors MUST contact the Food Vendor Director, Amy Whittimore with any questions. (615)975-1153.
7. Food Vendor Director Amy Whittimore will meet you at the venue and show you where to set up. NO EXCEPTIONS
8. Food Vendor agrees to go to and use our PayPal app located on every page to submit the vendor fee as soon as the Food Vendor Director contacts the food vendor and let's them know they have been selected.
9. If the payment has not been submitted within one day after the vendors application has been approved, your vendors application will be removed and another vendor in waiting will be considered.
10. Vendors AGREE to help promote the event, which is beneficial to all vendors.

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