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@IAmSciComm Curator Application
If you're interested in curating @IAmSciComm, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch!

Some questions do not require an answer, but we are interested in collecting some general information on our hosts, so please fill them out if you like.

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How do you #scicomm? What outlets do you use? Who is your usual audience?
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What do you plan to discuss if invited to host @IAmSciComm? *
Please suggest general topics and ideas that could provoke conversation and engagement with the account's followers. What kinds of conversation do you want to facilitate? How will you engage a broad audience from diverse backgrounds? A plan for the week is not required, but strongly encouraged.Your answer
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View the schedule of open ranges here:
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Would you like to substitute any of the @IAmSciComm curators in a short notice?
Please provide a blurb about yourself in the following format, with any biographical information you'd like to include (3-4 tidbits). *
Name (@TwitterHandle) - Research Assistant @University, Coordinator for SciComm Program, Writer at X Website
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