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API Chaya has over two decades of experience providing services to survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and human trafficking facing multiple barriers to safety. We provide training and workshops to mobilize our communities towards ending violence. Each presentation can be tailored to fit your needs.

We have varying rates depending on the size of your group and the length and depth of the workshop(s) requested. Please let us know if you are a non-profit or community group. Transportation and lodging is additional for requests that require overnight travel. If you have further questions, please contact

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Our core topic presentations include a basic overview with definitions, statistics and scope of the issue. All our presentations include anti-oppression analysis and culturally-specific perspectives.

Domestic Violence 101
Domestic violence is an issue that impact the majority of people in society. But how pervasive is it in our own communities? And how do we respond in ways that are supportive to survivors and brings our communities together?
This workshop can focus on domestic violence, our philosophy and how we do this work, or the history of the anti-violence movement.

Sexual Assault 101
Even after decades of the anti-violence movement founded on anti-rape work, there is still so much to be discussed about this topic, which encompasses many normalized forms of violence in our society. Since this topic often intersects with dating violence and racialized sexual violence, API Chaya grounds this workshop in historical context, media representation and a perspective on prevention based in transformative justice principles.
This workshop can focus on sexual assault, youth and media, and/or establishing nourishing relationships with the practice of boundaries and consent.

Rape Culture and Community Self Defense
In addition to a basic overview of sexual assault, we can explore rape culture in its historical and cultural context, specifically for Asian Pacific Islander communities. In collaboration with Building Autonomy and Safety for Everybody (BASE) trainers, we can also provide an overview of basic self-defense.

Human Trafficking 101
A “hot” issue that is often misrepresented in the news and popular culture, it is hard to establish what is fact or myth when it comes to human trafficking. Community education and training on this topic has been a cornerstone of API Chaya’s work since our inception. As one of the very few organizations providing services to trafficking survivors in the state of Washington, API Chaya offers a unique workshop based on experiences of front line staff.

Community Organizing 101
Learning more about these topics can often lead to feelings of anger and disillusionment. API Chaya believes that education should lead to taking action, which why we do community organizing. Want to find out more about how our communities have historically come together to create change? Or create space for discussion on ways in which survivors and people most impacted by these issues can build power? This workshop draws on the rich history of the anti-violence movement for lessons on community organizing and gender justice.

Special topics (details provided upon request; certain topics can be combined)

Gender and Sexuality (Queer 101/ Trans 101)
Developing Community Responses to Violence/ Transformative Justice 101
Organizing in Faith Communities
DV/SA/HT Training for Healthcare Providers
Culturally Specific Services and Cross-Cultural Skill Building
Survived and Punished (Survivors and the Prison Industrial Complex)
Building Autonomy and Safety for Everybody (BASE)
Disability Justice
Trauma and Healing
Living Bridges (Community Healing Across Generations)
Relationships Skills
Childhood Sexual Abuse
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