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Online Membership Form 2024

You can fill this form in without a google account but you will need to fill this entire form out in one go. Alternatively. just download a hard copy using the link shown above this form.

Thank you for your interest in joining us. The Kucom Community includes committee members, financial members, life members, junior members and their parents/guardians, contractors, directors, producers, backstage crew, production team members, promotions and front of house crew.

Our Mission is to promote excellence in the production and presentation of theatre of all forms, as well as the exhibition of art forms, and all cultural activities. This includes training in all aspects of theatre arts in the Mackay Regional Area and elsewhere and to provide support for other community groups where possible.

Our Vision is to be a place where people and creativity flourish.

Our Values

·         Diversity: Respect and embrace difference.

·         Integrity: Act honestly and value trust.

·         Accountability: Take responsibility for your words and actions.

·         Community: Be welcoming, courteous and respectful to all.

·         Nurturing: Support and encourage skills development in theatre, planning, leadership and other relevant skillsets.

Whether you are joining us for a short time or a long time, you play a role in fulfilling our Mission, Vision and Values. Have a read through our community oath to decide if this is a place you want to belong. 

Kucom Theatre Community Pledge - Code of Conduct

 Code of Conduct
I agree to take individual responsibility and actively contribute to the fulfilment of Kucom Theatre's Mission, Vision and Values. I will:
- Care for the wellbeing of myself and others, enhance Kucom's reputation in the broader community and respect Kucom's and other members' belongings.
- Contribute to a welcoming and respectful people culture within Kucom Theatre based on openness, honesty, fostering trust and mutual respect.
- Refrain from using aggressive, sexually explicit, demeaning or exclusionary language or actions.
- Become familiar with Kucom Theatre's safety procedures and strive to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of myself and others.
- Fulfil my commitments to my Kucom Community and our audience. I will attend scheduled rehearsals, performances and any other Kucom activities I have agreed to participate in. I will do my best and display my commitment to working through challenges to create excellent theatre experiences.
-  Provide timely and respectful communications regarding any changes in my availability and ability to fulfil my commitments.
- Treat the Kucom building, materials and equipment with care and respect, considering budgetary limitations.
- Not touch other members' equipment or personal possessions unless expressly given permission.
- Not consume alcohol before or during rehearsals or performances in which I am involved in. I will not engage in unduly excessive alcohol consumption on the Kucom premises.
- Not consume illegal drugs on the Kucom premises, before or during rehearsals, performances and any Kucom activities, at any time.
- Be mindful of protecting the interests of Kucom Theatre as a whole by abiding by all relevant policies and procedures.
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