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MEAC Board Nomination Form
The MEAC Board of Directors is inviting candidates to submit self-nomination forms by the end of August 2022.  Responsibilities and qualifications are listed below:  

QUALIFICATIONS: Board Members are individuals who have an interest in: 1) Maternity care, 2) the education of health care professionals, and 3) serving the public through participation in the accreditation process of midwifery schools. They should have previous service on community, state or national boards.  

Board members have knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to make high-stakes accreditation decisions including the following:  general understanding of board policy and procedures; respect for the confidential, fair and impartial nature of accreditation decisions; and prior service on a community, state or national board.  Specifically, MEAC Board members must be qualified in at least one of the following categories:

current or recent practitioner (midwife)
postsecondary MIDWIFERY educator (clinical preceptor, didactic faculty)
academic (engaged in postsecondary teaching and/or research)
administrator (engaged in postsecondary program or institutional administration)
member of the public (must not be a midwife, or associated with a midwifery school)

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS include the ability to: work and make decisions in a close collegial relationship; strive for consensus within a group but take responsibility for actions based on a vote by the quorum; express individual questions and concerns and hear the perspectives and opinions of others; consider information and data impartially and make rational and timely decisions; and communicate decisions effectively in written decision reports.  In addition, candidates must be willing and able to serve a three-year term.  

RESPONSIBILITIES: The MEAC Board of Directors has the primary charge of rendering accreditation decisions FOR DIRECT-ENTRY MIDWIFERY SCHOOLS.  The Board is a self-managing group, with clear structure, policies and procedures that support the accreditation decision making process.  Board Members have vested responsibility for the accreditation decision-making process.  The Board of Directors also contributes to the ONGOING EVALUATION OF accreditation policies and procedures, and the revision of professional standards.  

MEAC is guided by its own founding principles and mission as well as guidelines for strong education accreditation practice as defined by the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE).  

Board members commit: to attend ONE THREE-DAY IN-PERSON BOARD MEETING IN THE FALL OF EACH YEAR AND monthly telephone conference calls; to actively serve as a member of committees or work groups if assigned; and to participate in accreditation training and orientation sessions.  Preparation for Board meetings includes review and critical assessment of written reports and accreditation materials.  MEAC covers a significant portion of travel expenses for the fall in-person board meeting.  
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