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2017 PofA Festival FRINGE Submission
Please read all information regarding the FRINGE sub-festival before submitting this form.

Remember: Participation in Fringe is intended to be for those already planning to attend the National Festival. There is NO monetary compensation for performing in Fringe. If you are willing to find resources for your tech needs and to spread the word about your work, guerrilla-marketing style, we'll find a fringe-suitable location in which your work can be seen! The compensation you will receive for sharing your work is the admiration and accolades by your fellow community members.

As it stands in the schedule now, Fringe performances will be produced on Wednesday and Saturday nights. This is subject to change, but all Fringe participants will be fully informed as we get closer to the week.

If you have questions about the questions on this form, please feel free to email Amy Rush, Fringe Coordinator:

Please submit your performance by Monday, June 26, but the sooner, the better!
I'll need all the time I can get to coordinate all shows in order to maximize audience viewing!

Email address *
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Your company's name (if applicable)
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your location *
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web address
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phone number *
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Which is the best way to communicate with you? *
(I much prefer to communicate via email, so there is a clear record of the communication.)
Name of show / piece / installation / whatever *
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Is this for adults? Families?
What style of puppets are featured? *
ex: Hand puppets / Marionettes / Toy Theater
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Do you have a link to a video of this piece?
It's OK if you don't. This is just to clarify things. No judgement here!
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What would your ideal / typical performance space normally be and what is the minimum amount of space you'll need to perform? *
I write "normally" because, as we know, there's nothing normal about being on the Fringe! We'll find you a fringe-like, suitable space. This could be in a classroom, at an outdoor space or even up in a tree, if that is where your work plays best. Think creatively! What size? Inside or outside?
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What are the bare-minimum tech requirements for your show / piece / installation / whatever? You must understand that you'll have to fill your own tech equipment / running needs. *
If it's a shadow piece, for example, you'll most likely have to be inside, unless we can find you some long cords and an outside outlet. We cannot supply specific lighting and sound sources, but will try help you find people who may share theirs. Remember: This is self-produced work!
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How long is your show / piece / installation / whatever? *
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If it's much shorter than one hour, how many times could you perform it in one hour?
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Describe how many audience members do you anticipate can view this within an hour? *
Is it an ongoing installation that cycles through? Is it a 10-minute piece that you can perform 3-4 times? Is it for a large audience? An intimate few?
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"I have read the Fringe description and understand that I will receive no monetary compensation for offering my show to this component of the 2017 National Puppetry Festival, which I already plan to attend." *
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