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Expression of Interest to Attend the School of Wisdom and Compassion.
We are delighted you are interested in the School of Wisdom and Compassion. This information sheet and form outlines the first steps.

The first step is to read this form carefully. A commitment of three months, living and practicing together is no small thing, we want it to be a good fit, for you and for us. Please complete the form with an aspiration to be clear. Use the principles of NVC if you know them: Starting with observations in your life, identifying Feelings and Needs and bringing clearly what you want in the form of a request.

The school is being developed for a certain kind of human who has an aspiration to bring forth something beautiful for the world. There are limited vacancies. We advise you to take some time to sit quietly with your heart/mind and clarify for yourself what is motivating this interest? Because there are a limited amount of places we will be taking our time to listen deeply to your motivation, aspiration, experience, challenges and talents.

If you have a strong passion to evolve and unfold in a way that contribute to bring forth a wholesome world and you have an interest in being in service, a feeling for generosity to share your talents and energy for the uplifting of community, the school is for you.

Filling this form is a way to bring to conscious the details of this motivation and for us to have a first impression if your are prepared to participate.

This list tells you the pre requirements to participate, see if you match in this:

> Age between 20 to 35;
> Availability for the whole retreat - 3 months - end of August until end of November
> Can get yourself to Brazil
> You have some experience with meditation (mindfulness practice)

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Personal information
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Age *
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Address (city and nationality) *
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How did you come to know about the school? *
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Who are you?
We know you are immesurable, but some things you can express here for us to start to know you better. This is not a space for judgement, but a space for heart expression about you.
What are your passions in life? *
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What is motivating you to participate? *
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Tell us about your personal experiences related to job/work, study and talents. *
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Express here what are the skills you think/know you have to offer for the community in general and for the retreat. *
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Do you have experiences with meditation/mindfulness practices? Tell us something about it (What kind, how long, retreat experiences...) *
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What struggles/obstacles/shadows live in and through you and what is your relationship to these? *
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Financial co-responsibility and support
This project have lots of financial needs including all the organization and advertising costs, accomadation and food for the participants and other. Thanks to the support of the sangha (community) and the effort of their organizers it is coming into being. We count on the contribution of the participants and we are making an effort to financially support the participation of those who can´t pay for the costs now.
Evaluate your conditions and willing to make the effort to contribute financialy and answer the following question:
Can you contribute financialy to pay your costs during the retreat *
Do you think you need a financial support from us to participate in the school? *
Thanks to fill this form
This not garantee your participation. We need first to evaluate if you are prepared to participate and balance the number of people that is interested and the number of vacancies.

Anyway we will contact you as soom as possible.

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