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PRGE 2018 auction application
Please complete this entire form to submit an item for evaluation to be included in the PRGE 2018 collectibles auction. PRGE will review all submitted items and select no more than 25-30 items to be included in the auction. Unique items are preferred and items with low or no minimum bid amount are more likely to be selected. Items readily available on eBay or other online sources are less likely to be selected. You may submit more than one item, but please complete this form separately for each item.

PRGE will evaluate all of the auction submissions and select the items that will be accepted. Selected sellers will be notified.

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What is the minimum dollar amount you would accept for this item? (There are no reserves in our auction. We will start the auction at the amount you specify.) *
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Terms and conditions
By submitting this form, you agree to these terms:
1. I acknowledge that PRGE is acting only as an auctioneer and facilitating the transaction. PRGE will not become involved in the transaction between seller and high bidder.
2. I understand that PRGE is not responsible for bidders who fail to complete a transaction.
3. I understand that PRGE reserves the right to remove my item from the auction at any time.
4. I understand that, at the end of the auction, I must immediately either transfer my item to the high bidder or remove my item from the auditorium.
5. PRGE will make every effort to secure auction items, but PRGE is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
6. I agree that I will be present in the auction hall while my item is being auctioned. If I am not present, my item will not be auctioned.
Please check to acknowledge that you have read and understand the above terms and conditions. *
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