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Tactical Strike Group 4 - How's My Driving?

-Have you encountered a TSG4 member that has been hostile, abusive, or less than friendly?
-Have you encountered a TSG4 member that has committed an intentional act of team-killing that was NOT in self-defense?
-Have you encountered these actions in-game, on the official forums, on Reddit, on Twitch, or any other WG-related medium?
-Please report these actions in this form so that we can improve our organization and continue forward with our stated purpose of building a Family of Friends - One Team, One Fight. Every organization occasionally gets a few rotten apples. Help us pick them out!

-Tactical Strike Group 4 members include those with these tags: [TSG4], [TSG4A], [TSG4B], [TSG4C] and [TSG4R].

-If you submit a report, you must include: your in-game name, the offending parties in-game name and clan, reason for submission, and a link with definitive proof of the event.
-Screenshots and links to replays are acceptable sources. All in-game offenses must include replays for verification. To upload replays, use and submit the link. If submitting a replay link, please include the time-frame in the replay that the offenses occurred.
-This report system is not to be used for past offenses, only for offenses occurring after 03 Nov 2017.

COMMANDER'S COMMENT: I've created this reporting system for the gaming community with the sincere desire to improve our community and accomplish the stated goals that we originally set out to accomplish when Tactical Strike Group 4 was created in April of 2017. Tactical Strike Group 4 was originally founded to create new bonds and strengthen old ones in an effort within the gaming community to build a "Family of Friends" by helping others, spreading/sharing knowledge and helping to grow a sense of community in the online gaming world. Somewhere along the way, some of us have strayed. Help us get them (and us) back on track.

This reporting system has been created with the full realization that it could be abused and that TSG4 is willingly opening ourselves up to the possibility of trolls and detractors. However, that is a risk that I am willing to take in the interest of improving our community.

If your intent is to submit false reports with the intent to harass members of TSG4, then I strongly ask that you do not waste your time....OR OURS!.

Email address *
What is your in-game name? *
What is the offending parties in-game name? (List multiple names if needed) *
With which clan is the offender(s) affiliated? (List multiple, if multiple) *
Reason for submission. (List details such as who initiated the event, who instigated the event, as well as any other pertinent information) *
Proof of said event. (This can be in the form of a screenshot, multiple screenshots, and replays. All in-game offenses must include replays) *
What date did this event occur? *
What time did this event occur? *
I, (insert your name), attest that these events occurred exactly as described in my report. I also attest that no information has been omitted, altered, or otherwise tampered with. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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