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HGP Resiliency Survey
Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after any adversity a child may experience growing up. Things like community violence, poverty, institutional racism, bullying and abuse can set a child on course for long term depression, poor academic performance and even health problems.

We all want our kids to be more resilient. This survey will help HGP to measure how well our kids are doing in building resiliency skills. The questions help us to know if we are helping to improve supportive relationships, teaching life skills and helping kids learn to cope with the help of the community.

All surveys are anonymous.
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1. Is there anyone you look up to or want to be like?
2. Do you share with other kids around you?
3. Is getting good grades in school important to you?
4. Do you know how to behave in different situations (for example at church?)
5. Do you feel that the people who take care of you know where you are all the time?
6. Do you feel your parents or caregivers know a lot about you (for example what makes you happy, what makes you scared?)
7. If you are hungry do you feel you can always find something to eat?
8. Do you try to finish activities you start?
9. Do you know where your family comes from or know your family history?
10. Do you feel like other kids like playing with you?
11. Do you talk to your family about how you feel (for example when you are feeling scared?)
12. When things don't go your way, can you fix it without hurting yourself or other people (for example hitting or saying nasty things?)
13. Do you feel like you have friends that care about your feelings?
14. Do you know where to go to get help?
15. Do you feel like there are other kids like you at school?
16. Do you think your family cares about you when times are hard (for example when you are sick or did something wrong?)
17. Do you think your friends care about you when times are hard (for example when you are sick or did something wrong?)
18. Do you think you are treated fairly when you did something wrong?
19. Do you have chances to show others that you are growing up and can do things yourself?
20. Do you know what you are good at?
21. Do you participate in religious activities (for example, go to church?)
22. If something or someone is bothering or hurting you, do you have someone you can go to who makes you feel safe?
23. Do you feel safe when you are with your family?
24. Do you have chances to learn things that will be useful when you are older (like cooking, working and helping others)?
25. Do you like the way your family celebrates things like holidays or learning about your culture?
26. Do you like the way your community celebrates things (like holidays?)
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