Dowson Primary Academy - Children's Views
What year group are you in?
Year group
I enjoy school
Teachers help me to do my best
My teachers give me work that challenges me
I enjoy learning
Teachers listen to what I have to say in lessons
There is an adult in school that I can talk to is something is worrying me
The behaviour of other pupils in my lessons is good
The behaviour of other pupils around school is good
Is bullying a problem at your school?
I feel safe when I am in school
What makes you feel unsafe?
Your answer
My school encourages me to look after my physical health
(for example healthy eating and fitness )
My school encourages me to look after my emotional and mental health
I take part in school activities outside of lessons, like clubs, sports, music and art
My school encourages me to be independent and to take on responsibilities
My school encourages me to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally
My school provides me with information about my next steps
(For example: moving year groups or school, choosing qualifications for the future, going to university or other education and training options like apprenticeships, or finding a job)
What information would you like to receive?
Your answer
I would recommend this school to a friend moving to the area
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