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Hampshire Stickball / Kabutcha Toli
The weather is starting to get chilly but we still want to play stickball! Please note the time and day choices for the fall are different than those of previous semesters. We need your input on selecting a practice time and day!
                                 WEEKLY PRACTICE WILL BE ON MONDAYS AT 11:20 AM-12 NOON 
                                                     ON THE LAWN BETWEEN FPH AND THE YURT

For practice, wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and shoes. You want to be able to move easily, and don’t wear anything that will scratch or poke other players or yourself, especially jewelry or cleats. Bring a drink or water bottle. Wear a mask.

Practice on 10/10 and until weekly practice times are agreed upon will be coordinated by Arlo Zwicker. 
If you are interested in practice between now and October 17, please contact Arlo at 

Robert Caldwell 
Contact: Text: 318-735-9535
For more background information on Hampshire Stickball, see
Practice Dates & Times We are voting on additional times we want to meet weekly to practice. (Check off ALL of the days and times that you're available to practice weekly.) *
I, undersigned, have borrowed a set of Kabucha. I will be responsible for the set of sticks, should they become lost, broken or otherwise unusable. (I agree that by typing my name below that I am adopting and accepting this as an electronic signature for this document.  (Sign your name and the number on the set of sticks if you have borrowed sticks, so we can keep track of them. Sign "N/A" if you turn them in after practice.)
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