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"ONE Body" Student Registration
We are very excited that you have chose to be a part of our conference on July 15, 2017!
You will be working together with other students from different schools, communities and denominations that will form long lasting friendships as you operate as "ONE Body", just as scripture tells us in 1 Corinthians 12:27
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High School & College Students
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Waiver & Release
Please read carefully before signing. This is a release of liability and waiver of certain legal rights. In consideration for my being permitted to participate in the activities of Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. I agree to the following waiver and release. I acknowledge that there are inherited risk, hazards and dangers that cannot be eliminated, particularly in an outdoor environment. I UNDERSTAND ALL OF THESE RISK, HAZARDS AND DANGERS OF: 1. Walking in rugged country, including encounters with wildlife, animals and insects. 2. Inclement weather conditions. 3. Transportation to and from base camp and conference site. I am participating in Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. voluntarily with the full knowledge of the risk involved. I agree that, I, as parent or guardian, will not hold Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. responsible for any injury or death that could occur to my child.
I, as a willing participant, will not hold Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. responsible for any accident, injury or death that may occur to me personally. I agree that I will not hold Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. board members or volunteers responsible for any accidents or death that may occur to my child or me personally. I agree that my child/children picture(s) may be used in all forms of advertisement of Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. including, but not limited to, public newspaper(s), magazine(s), brochure(s), flyer(s), internet, website(s), card(s), other Christian ministries, or any other forms of advertising used by Majestic Outdoors Ministries, Inc. and its members. I HAVE READ AND CLEARLY UNDERSTAND, AND VOLUNTARILY SIGN THIS WAVIER AND RELEASE AGREEMENT. My printed/typed name should be accepted as my understanding and agreeing to all of the terms listed above.
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