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Joe's Dance Company Interest Form
Please fill out form below for your child, age 8 - 14, if they are interested in participating in Joe's Dance Company.

Joe's Dance Company meets every Monday and Tuesday from 6 - 8 pm during the school year. The company is audition based and primarily focused on dance cultures and traditions from around the world fused with hip hop, modern, African, step, Salsa, and Afro Peruvian movements.

Each rehearsal begins with half an hour of warm up, conditioning and technique followed by choreography.

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What is your child's previous experience with dance?
Please list if your child has had any dance training. If so, how many years, in what discipline and where. If child does not have previous dance training, tell us about why they're interested in dance.
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How did you find out about Joe's Dance Company?
Will your child be able to attend Joe's Movement Emporium, in Mount Rainier, MD, weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays for rehearsal?
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