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NZDFI regional strategy: consultation document
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1. Are you (or is your organisation) interested in actively supporting the NZDFI regional strategic plan development process and being a member of the working group?
2. If so, what is your (or your organisation’s) main interest? Please rank in importance the potential outcomes that could result from the success of NZDFI’s vision?
3. What action or contribution could you (or your organisation) take or make towards achieving these outcomes?
4. What do you (or your organisation) consider are the risks/barriers/knowledge gaps to long-term investment by landowners in planting and managing new eucalypt forests? Rank these in order of priority.
5. What action/information/resources would help mitigate these risks/barriers/knowledge gaps?
6. What scale of planting do you think is needed in any one region to generate a sustainable industry?
7. What would be suitable target locations for new plantings (in your region if applicable), and what area of new plantations and woodlots (in total, and on individual properties) do you think could be planted annually?
8. Is there land available in the target locations you have identified suitable for growing eucalypts?
9. Who are the owners of the land with sites in the target locations suitable for planting new eucalypt forests? Do you have access to a database with their contact details?
10. What are the best ways to contact landowners in target locations and inform them about the opportunity to successfully establish and manage durable eucalypts?
11. Can you (or your organisation) assist with contacting and informing landowners? If so, how could you assist?
12. Do you (or your organisation) support central and/or regional government offering direct financial incentives (including low interest loans, grants or joint venture capital) to landowners to plant durable eucalypts within the target locations identified for each region? If so, what incentives will be most effective?
13. Do you (or your organisation) support central and/or regional government developing public/private extension services that promote the planting of durable eucalypts; provide woodlot/plantation planning and services including coordination and supervision of forest establishment?
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