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Mt. Olive Baptist Church - Music & Arts Booking Form
NOTE: (Family Time) We do not accept bookings in the months of December, January, June & July.
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MOBC (Mt. Olive Baptist Church) requests reserved secured parking for two 15 passenger buses at the venue.

A meeting room is requested upon our arrival to the venue. We usually arrive to scheduled engagements no later than 30 minutes before start time if traffic permits. The room should be air conditioned with seating.

MOBC will not adhere to a process of a signup sheet upon our arrival at the venue. We request to be presented on program during the 1st half usually no later than the 2nd or 3rd quest artist in line to appear on program.

MOBC is a timely ministry, so please note that we meet and leave (bus) from our church location in Stockbridge Georgia and we want our membership to be safe and alert as we make these trips to and from events. With that being stated we normally will not stay at an event that last longer than 2 hours in length.

At this time MOBC is not asking for an honorarium for our performances. However, we do accept donations/love offerings to help in our global ministry efforts. If you are offering a donation it should be made payable to: Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Cash is also accepted.

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