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Proposed Dates:
Friday: 6-April - 8:30-9:30
Tuesday: 10-April - 10:00-11:00
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Location: Webinar (Calendar invite to follow after registration)

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No Cost Software Tool to Filter out Unwanted Cases from EMA Download
RxLogix Corporation is delighted to invite you to join our webinar demo for our No Cost PV EMA Plug-In to filter unwanted E2B R3 files received from the EMA.

Current pain-point:
The companies are required to download E2B R3 files from the EV Web portal. The download is possible only on the basis of active substances and not based on company’s products. This requires the case processing team to review and reject more than 50% of downloaded cases due to non-company cases, which degrades their efficiency considerably.

RxLogix’s contribution to the PV Community:
As EMA may take very long time to addresses this pain point for the industry, we have developed the PV EMA Plug-In to help companies automate this filtering process, and let companies focus of what they do best – Patient Safety. This tool can be integrated with any E2B Converter & PV System. Since this is a small software tool/utility, we are offering this at No Cost.

How the tool works:
The tool provides the ability to read product information from the incoming E2B R3 files and compares it with safety system configuration and/or a defined list to filter out any files which are not related to the company’s products.

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