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My Concert Reflection
Learning Goal: I can use the criteria my class created to evaluate my personal performance, my classes’ performance, and the audience’s performance in order to celebrate and plan next steps for growth.

Directions: Thinking about what we said made a great musical performance, use the criteria we created together to assess the performance.

3= Always 2 = Sometimes 1 = Never
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I utilized correct singing posture.
I matched pitch with others when I was singing.
I dropped my jaw when I was singing.
I remembered all of the words.
My movements were synchronized with those around me.
I performed with energy and enthusiasm.
I had a good attitude at the performances.
I had a great time performing!
Which area did you feel like you did the best in?
Which area would you like to improve in for next time?
What plan are you going to put in place to improve in this area?
How do you think the group performed as a whole?
Which area do you think the group as a whole did the best?
Which area do you think the group needs to focus on next time to make our performance even better?
How would you rate the attention and respect of our audience members?
Never Respectful
Always Respectful
What was your most favorite part of the performance?
How does preparing for a musical performance connect with your future?
Looking back at the musical performance, of what are you most proud?
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