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Scholarship Application Form
This form is for collecting information about scholarship applicants. Scholarship are typically awarded based on need and from a pool of member-donated "Member Points". This application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

We'd like to know a few things about you:
First Name *
Last Name *
Email *
Phone Number
Please enter today's date *
Current income status
unemployed, a student, etc
What would you like to do at PS:One?
specific focuses, projects, etc
Would you be interested in holding events, workshops, or “office hours”?
These events are where people can come and receive instruction or guidance from you regarding the use of a tool or another process in which you are have some level of experience
Clear selection
If Yes, what types of events or content do you think you would host?
For how long do you expect to need PS:1 financial assistance?
This can be cut short or extended depending on circumstances, but your response will help us in being mindful not to promise more than we have in the scholarship fund.
When would your scholarship ideally start?
Anything you'd like to add or let us know about?
Thanks for your interest in Pumping Station: One financial assistance!
You should expect a confirmation of application within a week of your submission. If you don't hear anything back please feel free to send an email to A determination on your application should be made during the next upcoming board meeting (1st and 3rd Tuesday's of the month).
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