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CPSB Approved Out of Parish Travel
The "Request for Staff Car must be complete and submitted no later than five (5) days prior to the trip. Additional paperwork will be required at the Transportation Department. Keys must be returned to the Transportation Department. You may contact Transportation at 318-603-6535, if necessary.

The Teacher Technology Center set up a Google Account for every employee. Please follow the instructions below.

Link to Drive:

Username: Caddo email address
Password: cpsb1234 (you will be forced to change it)

* If you already had a Google account that was connected to Caddo, you will continue to use the password you already had.

** If you already had a email account that was not connected to Caddo, this one will replace it. If you had items in the old account you want to keep, you will have to download that information from your old account then upload it to your new account or you can share it with your new account.

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