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How will your child go home?
To alleviate confusion at pick up in the afternoons, we are asking you to choose between two options for picking up your child.

Option 1: Car Pick Up - You will not have to get out of your car and a staff member will load your student(s) into your car. The whole process from beginning to end will only take about 15 minutes once all the kinks have been worked out and students learn their numbers. The dismissal car pick up lines can start forming at 2:45 pm. So those who maybe checking their child out early for doctors appointments, can get in and out with out a traffic jam.

Option 2: Door Pick Up - You will meet your child at door 2 (Ms. Birkenmeyer's room), by the PE building. You will show the teacher your number and they will call for your student once everyone is in the room. ***Walkers will need to have written permission and will go to Ms. Birkenmeyer's room first to "check out" before leaving campus.

Once you make your decision below, you will NOT BE ALLOWED to change from day to day how you PICK UP your child. You can still change if it's from bus to pick up or vice versa. Dismissal will take longer if your child is in the wrong place and we have to retreive them from the other location. If your child is an afternoon, 5th grade patrol, they need to be picked up between 3:20 and 3:30. If you are there before 3:20, we will ask you to pull off to the side until their patrol duty is finished.

If your child rides the bus every day and will not be picked up at school during dismissal time, please just check the bus box and tell us what bus number they will ride. If there is a possibility your bus rider will be picked up at school, you need to check either car pick up or door pick up, but still indicate what bus number they ride those times. For assistance in knowing your child's bus number, please call the office.

Please remember early check out ends at 2:45 pm. After this time, you will be asked to wait in the car pick line or door pick up line depending on what you've responded for your child's dismissal procedure.

Those indicating car pick up and door pick up will receive a number. For car riders, you must display your number in your car so the teacher can read it and your child will be waiting for you at the front of the school. For door pick up, please bring your number with you as it indicates permission to pick up your child/children. If someone else is picking up your child in car pick up or door pick up, they will also need to be given your child's number. You will be given four number cards, but if you need additional numbers, please contact the office. Only give these numbers to people who are listed on this form.

*Please check this site if you are not sure which bus your child will ride:

Thank you for your cooperation during dismissal time.

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