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DIY E-Liquid Flavor Additives

Just as we use herbs and spices in cooking, as tools to help bring out certain qualities and characteristics in our food and also add those special finishing touches, we can also do this with our own DIY e-juice flavors. Additives or enhancers can be added to your DIY e-liquid mixes very easily and it is done by countless manufacturers often in the e-liquids you buy and love.

Flavor additives are a very effective way of making those small, subtle changes to your mixes that really enhance and round off your creations. Be wary that if used incorrectly, they can however ruin what would have been a delicious concoction. As they each have a specific purpose for a particular job, we can think of flavor additives as tools to help you get the best results that you are chasing.
You may have already seen mention of these additives in various e-juice recipes that you have researched, or have come across them or heard about them from just being tuned into the general vaping scene. Understanding additives and what they can do to a mix, can really aid you in your DIY e-liquid making endeavors and take your creations to the next level. As a chef understands how ingredients all work together, you can get an understanding of how and why additives will work with your DIY juice. groups and help you understand what they can do for you. And hopefully we can understand how and why they have the effects they do, to really level up your DIY skills and broaden your creations.

Ethyl Maltol & Sucralose are the two additives that are called sweeteners. Although they are both sweeteners, they cannot and should be used in place of each other, as they both work very differently. As they are both different from each other, it is best not to substitute one for another as the end result will be completely different. We are going to look at how they each have their place and how they are used to give their own unique results.

On its own, Ethyl Maltol tastes and smells like fairy floss or cotton candy as most people call it. You can either purchase it as a concentrate or buy Ethyl Maltol crystals and dissolve them in PG to make your own EM concentrate. The best way to think about Ethyl Maltol is that it is a sweetener that sweetens certain aromas. It will add a sweetness to certain flavors helping them seem sweeter and bring them out somewhat. If you were wanting to use an apple flavor in your mix that you think would benefit from being slightly sweeter, then the use of Ethyl Maltol will give you what you are after.

On the other hand Sucralose is an over-arching sweetener, which is like putting sugar into your e-liquid. The best way to think about Sucralose is that it will add an overall sweetness on top of your mix. A lot of e-juice manufacturers use Sucralose to blend mixes together and cover up certain inconsistencies within their recipes.

You can often taste it in a juice when you know it is very sweet but you can’t put your finger on exactly what part or what certain flavor is contributing to the sweetness. Often it can be used too much and give that sickly sweet effect, which a lot of people just do not like. If an e-juice you are vaping seems just too sweet, then more likely it is an overdose on Sucralose.
A prime example of where to use Ethyl Maltol would be when you have a recipe where some of the ingredients you are using would benefit from some sweetness. If you had a strawberry milk recipe where the strawberry is lacking in sweetness because of the thickness of the milk, then some Ethyl Maltol can be used to bring forward to sweetness in the Strawberry. On the other hand if you wanted the whole juice to have a sweeter flavor, you would use Sucralose. In which case the sweetness would be tasted across the whole mix as an over-arching experience on your palate.

Be smart when you use sweeteners, as when they are over used they can mute or numb flavors. You can certainly use too much, so it is best to start out with small percentages and work your way up to where it is just right. I personally tend to err on the side of caution and under sweeten my bulk mixes knowing that I can always go back and add a little more if necessary.

Where if you over-sweetened, you can’t really take that back by adding more flavor to the mix – it gets very messy and you will probably end up tipping your DIY batch down the sink. Think of sweeteners as a make or break situation and you will always be in good stead. Sweeteners always have a place in your DIY stash, so you will find them very useful additives for your delectable creations.

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E-Liquid Vapour: Is It As Harmless As Human Breath?

The critics of e-liquids are by far one of the most aggressive and passionate bunch of detractors that you can find anywhere in the world. It seems as though they will not stop till they convince everybody in America and abroad that vaping is more harmful than smoking. Without trying to understand their intentions or motivations, we can safely assume that the critics are not likely to reach their goals anytime soon, given the fact that the e-liquid market is growing exponentially. They can spew as much hatred and contempt that they want on e-liquids and e-cigarettes, but it will not change the fact that consumers are becoming more receptive to the idea of using vape products instead conventional smoking products. As a part of the vaping community, we would like to make no associations between vaping and smoking. However, we can’t really resist saying that vaping is the new smoking. The difference being that vaping is the much healthier and safer option here. Talking about safety and health, there have been speculations about toxins being discovered in e-liquid vapour. Is there any truth to that statement? The only way to find out is through a thorough analysis.

Word Health Organization’s Statement on E-Liquid Vapour
You will always come across news about research that “proves” that e-liquid vapour is harmful. Hence, when the critics were calling for regulation based on a “scientific report” which suggested that e-liquid vapour is full of toxins, we knew right away that this case required a little bit more dissection and explanation to say the least. This case is quite different from the others because it involves the World Health Organization. According to the statement that they have released, nations should consider banning the indoor vaping e-liquids as a safety measure because of the “some of the chemical substances in the e-liquid may be harmful”. What is really interesting here is that the organization which is deemed as the authority in health expertise used the phrase “may be harmful” to justify a ban. That leaves a lot of questions marks over the accuracy of the research work carried out by the WHO.

The Human Breath Comparison
We would like you to look at the presence of toxins in e-liquid vapour from a completely different perspective. In fact, our focus today would be to draw a comparison between human breath and e-liquid vapour in order to find out whether the level of toxins or potentially harmful chemical substances in e-liquids is high enough to warrant any legitimate health concerns. Many of the potentially harmful chemical substances that have been pointed out by the WHO are actually present in human breath. This means that these substances are naturally produced by the human body when air is exhaled through the lungs in our respiratory system. This gives the vaping community the license to cast a shadow of doubt over the legitimacy of some of the tests and studies conducted by the WHO.

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3 Things Every Vaper Needs To Own

When it comes to being a vaper, whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, there are some basic items one has to have to be able to vape. While some hobbyists have literally hundreds of mods, batteries, tanks and e-liquids, if you don’t have the fundamental basics for vaping, you are probably still a smoker.
In this day and age, vaping is proving to be the most effective and safe way to give up smoking tobacco, and has replaced nicotine gum, patches and other smoking cessation products, which so far achieved little success in general for people wanting to give up smoking. In a sense, vaping offers the best of both worlds; the ability to still ‘smoke’ something that produces clouds (vapor,) while taking care of the nicotine dependence, and hopefully reducing it steadily over time.
So what are the 3 things every vaper needs to own in order to be considered a vaper?

1: An E-cigarette
We want to be clear when we say ‘e-cigarette’ as these come in so many different formats and styles. However, one needs to have the basic ‘kit’ in order to vaporise their nicotine-infused e-liquid, and deliver it to their system. When e-cigarettes first hit the market, around 7 years ago, they were known by some as ‘cigalikes’ in that they were basic cigarette-sized batteries, with a tobacco flavored nicotine cartridge and even a red light on the tip which lit up when vaped.
Since then, a lot more advanced e-cigarette devices have reached the market, with separate, variable wattage and voltage batteries, as well as tanks (formerly known as cartomisers) which deliver a much larger amount of vapor, and therefore taste and nicotine. Whether you opt for an old school cigalike or for the most advanced tank and battery setup, you’ll need something that turns your e-liquid into vapor.

2: Some E-Liquid
So you’ve got your e-cig, all charged up and ready to go, but the clear tank on top of the battery is empty. Thats where the so-called ‘e-liquid’ comes in. E-liquid, also known as e-juice, among other names, is made up of four main components: propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerin (vg), liquid nicotine and flavorings (both natural and artificial.) Firstly, one has to chose the strength of the nicotine in their e-liquid and that is done by volume. Typically e-liquids come in strengths ranging from 3-18mg per 100ml, so one needs to know which level is best for them.
For example, if you are a heavy smoker, on a pack or more a day, you would want to begin with a high level of nicotine in your liquid, while milder smokers would opt for an e-liquid with a less strong nicotine content. As well as that, especially these days, there are literally thousands of e-liquid flavors available on the market, from simple tobacco or menthol flavors to fruity and cereal based flavors, all depending on your own personal taste.

3: Some Will Power
Yeah we know, you didn’t see number 3 coming, but the truth is that a person wanting to become a vaper only needs two pieces of hardware, strictly speaking in order to vape, as outlined above. However, there is a third dimension, and that is a little thing called will power. But why is will power relevant here? Well, for one, vaping is not smoking, and while many pro-vapers swear it is better and more satisfying than smoking, a seasoned smoker of 20 years may need some time ‘adjusting’ to the new reality.

Many people say that there is nothing quite like burning a cigarette, first thing in the morning or after a good steak meal. After all, cigarettes are very habit-forming and the form of nicotine delivery to the body is quicker and harder than with vaping. Let us explain. When you combust something, like tobacco, the lungs take the active components (including around 4,000 nasty chemicals and carcinogens) almost directly to the blood stream, and a smoker gets their ‘nicotine buzz’ fast and intense. However, as vaping is a different form of nicotine delivery, it is more mild, steady and definitely takes some getting used to. And that’s exactly where the will power comes in. At first a smoker may find vaping challenging, fiddly, not what they’re used to. But the benefits of not smoking tobacco soon shine through, all you need is a healthy dose of will power.

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Menthol, Tobacco Or Creamy Custard: What’s Your ‘Flavor Profile’?

When it comes to choosing an E-liquid that suits your personal taste, the first thing you need to establish is what your ‘flavor profile’ is. A flavor profile is the genre of E-liquid that a person prefers, all based on personal preference and taste of course.
These days there are literally thousands of E-liquids available on the market, and it’s hard for even the most seasoned vaper to choose which product to buy when faced with literally thousands of options, mainly with “themes on a theme” making it even more difficult to choose.
Spearmint, dark chocolate, honeydew melon, citrus, breakfast cereal, there are simply so many genres and sub-genres when it comes to the world of E-liquid. So we at Dream decided to make life easier for all you new vapers and break it down for you, step-by-step, so you can start to make some informed decisions about the E-liquid you splash your cash on.

1. Choose Your Genre
So there are so many flavors out there as we mentioned, but they basically fit into roughly 6 main categories. They are, Bakery/Dessert, Cereal, Fruity, Menthol, Custard, Tobacco. Now you could already decant those main categories straight off the bat, to include, Citrus, Drinks, Herbal and Yoghurt, but these are basically covered by the mains.
Indeed, many E-Liquid vendors who offer a wide range of products have those main categories already set up on their sites, to make your search easier.

2. Choose Your Sub-Genre
We don’t want you to go nuts when it comes to buying E-liquid and finding your ADV (all day vape,) or ADVS. But once you’ve established your main genre in step one above, it’s time to hone your taste just a little bit and choose some sub-genres. Let’s say you like desserts, you’ll want to go ahead and choose a few flavors that fall into that category. For example, vanilla, chocolate, cream, blueberry, would all fall into dessert-type flavors.

3. Choose Your E-liquid Blend
So you’ve chosen your desired flavor and kind of established what your own personal “flavor profile” is. You are nearly there, all that’s left is a couple of simple steps to ensure your vape juice is just what you want it to be…

E-liquid is made up mainly of 4 ingredients: Propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerol (vg), flavorings and liquid nicotine. Once you have chosen your flavors you can choose the pg/vg mix you want. Pg is the stuff that caries the flavor of the juice more strongly, while providing the user with a stronger throat hit when vaping. Vg on the other hand produces little to no throat hit, while producing massive amounts of vapor known as “clouds.”

Most advanced vapers opt for a 70-80% vg mix, for a variety of reasons, not for now. But if you are just starting out, you are probably best advised to stick with a 50/50 pg/vg mix, and you can see from there what works best for you personally.

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Premium E Liquid Versus Homemade E Liquid

Many vapers will tell you there’s a massive difference between “Premium E Liquid” and the homemade stuff, but why is that?

After all, isn’t E Liquid (AKA E Juice) just a bunch of chemicals mixed together in a well packaged bottle? Well the answer to that is yes… and no.

E Liquid is made of four components: Propylene glycol,vegetable glycerin, liquid nicotine and flavoring (artificial or natural sometimes with added sweetener.) The quality of the ingredients do indeed have an impact on the taste, consistence and vapor production of the E Liquid including a process called “layering” whereby the person making the E Juice vapes it during production in order to adjust the flavor content. A little bit like adjusting the seasoning in a dish with salt and pepper, in principle.

So how much does Premium E Liquid cost and how much is the homemade stuff?
At the end of the day, for many people, money is a huge consideration when it comes to vaping. Not only does the hardware cost quite a bit, there are also maintenance costs in the form of new coils, wicks, tanks and of course, a constant supply of your favorite E Liquid.

For those who have more money than sense, it’s really a no-brainer as premium, branded E Liquid often vapes and tastes a lot better than a homemade potion. Then again, in terms of costs, Premium E Liquid will set you back between 60 cents and around a dollar at the top end. For that matter, making E Juice at home will cost you a mere 10 to 40 cents, all in. But what about the quality of the finished product?

Well, let’s look at it in another frame of reference, say in whisky terms. There’s good reason why people pay top dollar for expertly blended top shelf whisky so why don’t they make it at home? Provided one had the facilities to do so, the whisky would most likely never taste as good as a smoky, aged bottle of Glenmorangie or Bowmore. That’s why people buy it. The same principle applies to E Liquid, but if you know what you’re doing and have good quality products and equipment, you can make a tasty vape juice, especially with some tweaking.

If I want to try my hand at making my own E Liquid, what do i need to get started?
This is a good question and a vital one for anyone wanting to get into the world of making their own E Juice. But vaper be warned! Making your own E Juice isn’t simple and is a very messy business.

While there are numerous great online resources, and E Liquid calculators which tell you specific amounts needed to make your liquid, it isn’t easy to produce a good quality E Liquid from your kitchen table. Many vapers prefer fusion flavors which incorporate differing amounts of three or four flavors, to make the perfect tasting, well-blended E Liquid.

Aside from the fancy bottles and well-designed labels, Premium e Liquid manufacturers use only the finest ingredients and expertly blend and steep their E Juices so their customers receive the same great tasting product consistently. While that certainly doesn’t offer an avid vaper flexibility to tinker with and perfect the flavors, they do get the good quality experience they want and don’t have to worry about the messy and difficult business of making their own E Liquids.

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