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202Creates Event Submission Form
If you are interested in submitting a creative event happening in the District of Columbia, please fill out this form. All events are vetted by the 202Creates team before appearing on the community events calendar at In addition to appearing on our calendar, events will also be supported & promoted across 202Creates and the DC Entertainment Office's social media platforms.

For more information about 202Creates, please visit Thanks!

Primary point of contact: first & last name *
Please provide the first and last name of the person we can reach out to with questions about this event.
Primary point of contact: email address *
Please provide the email address of the person we can reach out to with questions about this event.
Name of organization *
Please provide the name of the group or organization hosting the event.
Event name *
Event date(s) *
If your event spans multiple dates, please provide them all below.
Event time(s)
Please provide the start and end time of your event. If your event spans multiple times across multiple days, please clearly list these days and start/end times below.
Event location/address *
Ward of event location *
If your event takes place in multiple wards, please check each box accordingly.
Event description (long) *
Please provide a thorough description or as much detail as possible about the event.
Event description (short) *
Please provide a short description of the event (1-2 sentences).
Link to event page *
Please provide the website where folks can find all information about your event, including RSVP details.
High-res event photo
Please upload any photos or videos that you would like us to use to publish your event.
Relevant event social media handles & hashtags *
Please provide the social media handles you would like us to repost from, if any. Please also provide any event-specific hashtags.
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