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Request for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Credits for the PhysioNet/CinC Challenge 2019
Google has generously agreed to provide $50,000 in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits for this Challenge. We will award these to the 100 top performing teams.

At the time of launching this Challenge, Google Cloud offers multiple services for free on a one-year trial basis and $300 in cloud credits. Additionally, if teams are based at an educational institution in selected countries, they can access free GCP training online.

Please complete the following three questions, even if you use the same email address for each question. Your request must be associated with a successful entry to the official phase of the Challenge and an accepted abstract. Only one credit of exactly $500 will be provided to one email address associated with each team.

The Challenge organizers, their employers, and Computing in Cardiology accept no responsibility for the loss of credits, or failure to issue credits for any reason. By providing us with this information, you are granting us permission to forward your details to Google for the distribution of credits.

Which email address do you want to use for the GCP credits? *
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Which email address did you use for your abstract? Please note that your abstract must have been accepted. *
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Which email address did you use to submit to the competition? Please note that you must have at least one successful entry to the official phase. *
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