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Everett Community Support and Resources in Response to COVID-19
This form has been created to support people in need of Community Support and Resources in response to COVID-19. This form is for people looking for help and people able to offer it. Your full responses will only be visible to the group coordinators (Gerly Adrien, Guerline Alcy, Jessica Gold Boots, Patti Cheever, Samantha Lambert, Stephanie Martins, Kathleen O'Brien, and Alana Russell, although membership may grow!). Your contact information will only be used to coordinate responses to community needs.
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I can do deliveries in the following neighborhoods (categorized by closest school/Ward)
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If you are fluent/conversational in languages other than English and can help translate/interpret, please list here:
Can you be a Neighborhood Point Person (NPP)? This means you’d take on the responsibility of reaching out to your neighbors, coordinating a neighborhood group chat or phone tree, and staying in touch with the other point people for resource sharing.
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