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Mentor Application Form
Apply here to participate in Muslim Women Connect's Mentorship Program from April 2019 to September 2019.

Please read all of the information below carefully before applying.


1) You must be Muslim, female and from January 2019, be aged 25 or above.
2) You must live in London or be in a position to commute for all commitments required as part of the mentoring program, as outlined below:

If you are selected for the program:

3) You must be available for our program induction, which will take place in April
4) You must commit to 6 monthly meetings with your allocated mentee between April 2019 to September 2019, which are preferred to be face-to-face.
5) You must commit to completing an online monthly worksheet to log the progress of the mentorship.

Commitment to the program requires approximately 2-3 hours per month minimum, including travel. Please consider your current personal circumstances when applying.

If you are filling this application on a desktop, we recommend you read through the questions and complete these offline on a separate word document first, as this form will not save while you write,

If you have any further queries about the program or require any assistance, please contact:

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Basic Information
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Primary Address [April 2018- September 2019] *
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About You
This is your opportunity to offer us a full picture of your character, expertise and what you aspire to achieve from the program.

We're not looking for generic answers, we want to know about you as an individual.

We are looking for 2 key traits in your answers:

1. Clarity - in your aims and what you hope to attain by being a mentor.
2. Integrity - in your ability to abide by Muslim Women Connect's values and requirements.

Please tell us why you would like to become a mentor with Muslim Women Connect? *
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What areas of expertise and personal interests do you hope to share with your mentee? *
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Please describe someone who has been a support - an informal or formal mentor in your life.
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What do you hope to gain from the process of being a mentor? *
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Have you been a mentor before? *
If you answered yes, please expand on your experience.
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Situation Judgement Questions
Here are two real life situations that have taken place on our mentoring program. To assess your suitability for the program, we would like you to give us an honest answer of how you would respond to each situation.
You have met with your mentee for an introductory meeting and she agrees to be in touch with you soon to arrange the next meeting. However, a month and a half has passed and your mentee has not reached out to you. What do you do? *
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Your mentee arrives 15 minutes late for her first meeting with you. She mentions she was caught in traffic, apologises and promises not to be late again. Despite this incident, your mentee arrives nearly 25 minutes late for the next meeting, what do you do? *
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Professional Background
Online Profiles - LinkedIn / Twitter
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Current Employment
Job Role *
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What organisation do you work for? *
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Please tell us briefly about your previous paid and voluntary experience. *
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Mentor Meetings
Please state your preferred method of interacting with your mentee, if you are chosen for the program. We expect mentors to meet with mentees face-to-face, however we will strive to accommodate exceptional circumstances.
How would you prefer to meet your mentee? *
If you have selected Skype or Google Hangout as your preference, please state your reason.
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What skills would you be comfortable helping your mentee to develop? *
I will commit to attending an induction for the mentoring program in April 2019. *
I will commit to meeting my mentee once a month between April 2019 and September 2019.
I will commit to completing a monthly worksheet to log the progress for each meeting with my mentee. *
I agree to have my data shared with all team members from Muslim Women Connect for future opportunities and monitoring & evaluation purposes. [Excluding third party organisations] *
Feedback & Additional Information
These questions will assist us in improving our recruitment process and will not affect your application to Muslim Women Connect.
How did you hear about the MWC Mentoring programme? *
Would you be interested in participating in our School Speakers program, if you are considered eligible by MWC? *
How would you rate our application process? *
Is there any other feedback you wish to provide about our application process? *
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