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Spec MX-5 Challenge Shootout Application
This application is for the Spec MX-5 Challenge Shootout.

Drivers will be selected based on the answers to the questions in this application, including the following factors:

1) Time of application. Get your application in as soon as possible.
2) Upon selection, drivers will sign a full season contract. We will also keep a waiting list should any drivers fail to sign the contract and provide the initial payment.
3) Drivers must have funding in place and meet payment deadlines, including an initial payment upon selection.



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What racing license(s) do you currently have? SCCA or NASA licenses are required to run the Shootout (depending on event). *
Submit your racing resume (last 2-3 years and ALL pro experience/results). Include sanctioning body, class(es), achievements/championships/podiums, tracks, etc. *
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Which Spec MX-5 Challenge Shootout event are you applying for? *
Shootout events are offered on a Full Arrive & Drive With Car basis. This costs $9000 per event. Are you able to make the financial commitment at this time? *
Are you aware that you will be responsible for the cost to repair all damage to the car, regardless of circumstances, while you are behind the wheel? *
What other skills, capabilities, or assets would you bring to the Spec MX-5 Challenge Shootout that you would like to have considered as part of your application? *
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