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Habs Money on the Board - Season-Long Pledges
Welcome to the inaugural #Habs Money on the Board (#HabsMotB) Charity Campaign, where Habs fans can come together to raise funds to help those who really need them.
What charity you ask? This season we'll be coming together in support of the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.

An overview of their goals as an organization:

"The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation is determined to provide a better and healthier future for children in need. Since its inception in August 2000, the Foundation has donated over $20 million to 697 charitable endeavors throughout the province of Quebec working for the well-being of underprivileged children.

The Foundation fulfills its mandate in two ways: first, through a unique flagship project – the BLEU BLANC BOUGE program – which consists of building community refrigerated and multisport rinks; secondly by providing financial support to organizations whose projects and programs enable children to adopt healthy lifestyles by being more active."


Provide a better and healthier future for disadvantaged children all across Quebec.


By uniting the members of the great Canadiens family and by teaming up with the community, the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation encourages physical activity and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle among disadvantaged youth from 4 to 17 years old.


This first pledge drive involves any season-long tallies. That means you can pledge two dollars for every Alex Galchenyuk goal this season, or maybe 25 cents for every save Carey Price makes during shutouts this year. All the players and major statistical categories are listed, but you're also free to also come up with a more creative pledge using the "Other..." option.

Simply pick a player, pick an event, and pick a donation amount per event. At the end of the season, we'll tally everything up and see how much the donation adds up to!

In order to promote the campaign and get all Habs fans involved, please also tweet your pledge to @HabsMoTB on Twitter, and use the hashtag #HabsMoTB

Go Habs go!

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