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Virtual Workshop Series for TUD Alumni and members of the network IMPRESS                                     THE NEW NORMAL:                                  CHALLENGES, CHANCES, OPPORTUNITIES                                                  for UNIVERSITIES and SCHOOLS
Dear international friends and colleagues,
Dear IMPRESS members,
Dear TUD alumni,
We are pleased to invite you to a series of virtual workshops on various essential topics in teacher training and teacher education.
Thanks to DAAD funding, this format is free of charge.

We are happy to offer to you the following workshops and in this way to give you a platform to gain new knowledge but also share your views and experiences:

The New Normal: New Chances for Schools, Teachers and Students

Dr. Eszter Csepe – Bannert
CorEdu, Leipzig

26th November / 2 pm – 4 pm CET, plus optional participation in discussion on the topic 4 pm - 5 pm CET

The pandemic challenged educators in many ways, but this situation also provided opportunities to rethink teaching and learning. The workshop takes up these experiences of the participants and uses the practices, strategies that have supported learners through virtual/hybrid education and findings as well, as synergies for redesigning learning and teaching situations.

During the workshop, the participants will reflect past practices and explore their vision for a new normal that leverages technology to center the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of all learners and educators.


Innovation through Collaboration in the New Normal

Prof. Uwe Brandenburg  
Global Impact Institute, Prague

2nd December / 2 pm – 4 pm CET, plus optional participation in discussion on the topic 4 pm - 5 pm CET


The digital tool SELFIE for TEACHERS

Prof. Conor Galvin
School of Education, University College Dublin

3rd December / 2 pm – 4 pm CET

SELFIE for TEACHERS is a new service from the European Commission. It is freely available to teachers anywhere in the EU and beyond.  Teachers build a personal profile on their digital strengths and identify areas for improvement based on a simple, 35-minute reflective exercise using the SELFIE for TEACHERS website. The results are private to the teacher and not available or shared with anyone without a direct request from the individual involved. The reflection activity is equally suited to primary and secondary settings. Profiles can be downloaded and used as the basis for designing future personal and professional learning on digital technology usage in educational settings.  The IMPRESS webinar introduces participants to the SELFIE for TEACHERS tool and offers advice on how to get the best from it.  More information:   


Innovative Approaches in Education: STEAM (STEM plus Art)

Sachiko Nakajima
Musician, Mathematician and STEAM educator, Creative Project Director EXPO 2025 Osaka
9th December / 2 pm – 4 pm CET plus optional participation in discussion on the topic 4 pm - 5 pm CET

What is STEAM? STEAM is the creative learning approach which encourages you to think like a scientist or an artist.
Coding or robotics can also provide various playful learning tools which can evoke your creativity. Of course, physical senses and nature are the important core to empower your 'life'. Here, I would introduce some of the learning tools and cases in Japan, which civilize diversified creativity for anyone in the world.


Empower me - how social and emotional skills impact learning performance
     – a (post-) Pandemic View

A deep dive into the The State of Global Education, 18 Months into the Pandemic. Locking out students all over the world generated learnings gaps that must be made up for.
- What gaps do you see?
- What needs fostering beyond academic learning?
- And how can digital learning situations also be socially and emotionally effective?

Students are not empty vessels to be filled. More pressure is not helpful. This is not about learning much more, but learning differently. Overcoming digital loneliness and creating relationships is the beginning of new learning. Let the crisis be a chance!

Kati Ahl
School Development Advisor and Author

10th December / 2 pm – 4 pm CET plus optional participation in discussion on the topic 4 pm - 5 pm CET


Introduction to INTERACT: The virtual collaborative intercultural training for student teachers, developed in the project IMPRESS  

Jyotika Dalal
Intercultural Trainer

16th December / 2 pm – 4 pm CET plus optional participation in discussion on the topic 4 pm - 5 pm CET

The New Normal in education, with its rapid digitalisation, has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for intercultural education too. In her workshop, Jyotika Dalal presents the virtual intercultural training course INTERACT (Intercultural Competence in Teaching), which was developed as part of the project IMPRESS at the TUD. INTERACT promotes the development of intercultural awareness and competence among student teachers. This course allows student teachers from different countries to collaborate and interact with each other (via a virtual platform) on intercultural topics and aspects, thus encouraging an exchange of ideas, inputs and insights from various cultural perspectives.  


Working with MIRO boards, a tool for digital collaboration, virtual mindmapping and strategy work

Katharina Schmitt
TU Dresden

17th December / 2 pm – 4 pm CET plus optional participation in discussion on the topic 4 pm - 5 pm CET


A virtual (non-alcoholic) New Year's drink with the IMPRESS team
21st January / 2 pm - 4 pm CET

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