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CALL FOR ARTISTS English version • Ratatà 2018
Deadline 1st of March

This year's Fanzine will consist of a Comic Strip Collection!

Send your contribution in horizontal A5 format, B / W, 300dpi jpg.

Don’t you still hear the trumpets and drums of the party bumbling in your head?
Pollinate your brains with the introductory text of the Fanzine:

Parade, parade, parad, promenade, paradise, promenade, totentanz. Dance dance dance, dance to the radio. Dances, wiggling, somersaults, plumes. Dragons, virgins, brasses, gypsies, violins, violets, sheaves. Naval wagons, carnivals, carnem levare, carmen levare. Pompa magna, sarabande, haversack, and turmoil. Dogs, kennels, rascals. Sparks, papillae, lapilli. Fools, bourgeoisie, snacks, spiders. Caps, flags, flourishes. Drapes, trumpets, cackles. Screams, shouts, whispers, masks, helmets, hats. Doorbells, bells, braces. Artillery, infantry, gallantry. Pinches, pinzimoni, firecrackers, cow bells, lemons. Marches, festivals, parties, triumphs, lancets. Trailblazer, leaders, passports, seas and mountains. Bands, New Years, damages, dragons, illnesses. Rats, reptiles, lizards. Sun, rain, clouds. Cauldrons Jumps, ramparts, whistles. Flop! Puddles, zircons. Under the loudspeaker. Under the house. Harmonic box. Gardens, boughs. Fun, boasters, vincisgrassi, clean, civil and happy. Grog. Gog and magog. Crazy stuff, rat stuff, identity. Neighborhoods, hamlets, tables, twirls, ring-around-the-rosie, tumble, ideas, liveries, community, commonality , trallallà.

Marco Taddei

Feel free to draw it as you prefer, the important thing is the name of your protagonist in plain view!
Help yourself with the Template that you find below, there are all the measures.
Download here the Template for the strip

Done? Continue to upload the file.

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