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RMS Youth Council Application 2019

The first in person retreat of this council is October 4-6 and the location will be determined. All expenses will be covered by the Rocky Mountain Synod. The in person retreats of this council are required.
If you are currently a senior or a young adult applying for RMSYC, you must be under the age of 21, will remain in the Rocky Mountain Synod throughout your term on the council, and will be eligible for an at large position.
If you are unaware of the conference your home congregation is located in, contact your pastor.

Attempt to keep your long answers at a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. Please read instructions carefully and fill out this form thoroughly.

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My parents/guardians and I have discussed this opportunity and we understand that I will miss some days of school. *
I recognize that if I'm selected to be on this council it is a year long commitment that comes with responsibilities and I am willing to perform these duties during the term. *
I am aware of the time commitment required of this council and know that if selected I am required to come to both in person meetings and can not miss more than two Zoom meetings without an excused absence. *
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