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We understand that you may need to make a change, or correction, in your child’s vital statistics. To aid in record keeping, please use the form below to notify us of necessary changes regarding your child. If you need to make changes to more than one child’s records, you will need to fill this form out for EACH child.

Please note - if you are needing to make a change to your child’s Farmington Presbyterian Day School program, or to withdraw, please go back and use the ONLINE PROGRAM CHANGE FORM for any changes related to your child’s Farmington Presbyterian Day School program.

This form is divided into the following sections: Contact & Pick Up; Child's Information; Child's Medical Information; Emergency Contact; Billing Information; Parent/Guardian 1 Information; Parent/Guardian 2 Information; and Other. After entering the required information in this 1st section, you may navigate to whichever section(s) needed by selecting "Next".
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