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*}}} Band of Coders Ventures | Introduction
At Band of Coders Ventures, we back founders, and we build products.

Our team of former technical co-founders works directly with you to design, size, fund, and unlock the most important technical opportunities for your business.

We're excited to learn more about your business, and determine if Band of Coders Ventures can assist in helping your team achieve your next technical milestone.

This introductory questionnaire will allow us to determine if we can be a good fit for your next phase of business growth. Thanks for your time.

Email address *
Your idea
What do you call your business or concept?
Give us your elevator pitch: briefly describe your idea.
What are the main market needs addressed by your idea? How have you validated these ideas, or how will you validate them?
What is your competitive advantage? Who or what are your main competitors, and what makes your idea different from those alternatives?
How have you obtained customers for your idea? How do you anticipate continuing to grow and retain your customer base?
What is your go-to-market model? How have you earned revenue from your product, and what revenue streams / models do you expect in future years?
What are the major risks and unknowns for the business? How do you plan to test and/or mitigate them?
Why is now the right time to solve this problem?
Do you have a pitch deck or other materials you'd like to share?
Founding Team
Tell us about the founding team. Who will we be backing?
How long has the team been working on the idea?
What is the team's current time commitment to the idea?
(e.g., side project, part-time, full time)
Why are you and your team the right people to solve this problem and execute on this idea? What relevant domain knowledge, networks, and expertise do you bring to the problem?
What (if any) accelerators, incubators, or other formal programs have you participated in?
Technology Fit
Band of Coders Ventures provides a unique investment model which makes full-service outsourced software development affordable for early-stage companies. Given this model, we typically only make initial investments in businesses for which accelerated technology development is a key near-term driver of success. This partnership model allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing and running the business, working with customers, and developing product-market fit, while partnering with a world-class full-service development organization.
What are the top technology roadmap priorities for your business?
How and when do you plan to address these priorities?
Briefly, what technology has the business already built?
How is the current technology / engineering team composed, if one exists?
Team Structure
Briefly describe the composition of the current team.
Financials & Fundraising Status
All information shared will be treated confidentially within Band of Coders Ventures, unless you explicitly authorize us to share it with our network of individual limited partners, family offices, and venture funds.
Briefly share the company's fundraising history.
If possible, please include general information around the date of fundraising, the amount raised, the valuation, and the primary / lead investors.
When does the company next anticipate fundraising?
How much revenue are you earning today from your idea, and what are the drivers of revenue (e.g., number of customers, average sales price)?
What is the company's current cash position and monthly cash burn rate?
If known, what budget constraints exist for the next phase of technology development?
Final Questions
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us that we failed to ask about?
How did you hear about Band of Coders Ventures? *
Does the company have any current, pending, or expected legal actions or issues?
Are you or any team members subject to non-competition, non-solicitation, Intellectual Property, or other agreements that could
How many employees have departed the team since its inception?
Contact Information
Your Name
Your Role in the Company
Your Preferred Method of Contact
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