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Nominate the International Mollusc of the Year! ~ 2025 ~
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Nominate your favourite mollusc for FREE genome sequencing by the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research and LOEWE Centre for Translational Biodiversity Genomics!
Nominations for consideration in the international Mollusc of the Year competition are open year round! In January, Senckenberg/LOEWE-TBG and Unitas Malacologica will select 5 top molluscs from the nominations, and the final winner will be determined by a popular vote in early 2025.
Any living species of mollusc, in any habitat, anywhere in the world is eligible!
Rules: You may only nominate a mollusc that you personally have access to, or can arrange access to, either as living animals, frozen specimens or preserved in >96% ethanol collected within the last six months. (If you think your specimen is suitable, but doesn't meet these criteria, or you aren't sure, please email us: )
You must be able to provide evidence that the specimens were collected legally and can be destructively sampled by Senckenberg/LOEWE-TBG. 
Multiple nominations are fine, but this will not influence whether a species will advance to the top 5 or not.
To nominate a mollusc, you must provide the species name, and a short explanation of its interest or importance (max 280 characters / 55 words) in the form below.
Please note: we welcome voucher specimens of your species as donations to the Senckenberg malacology collections! but this is not required.
See the FAQ at the end of this form, and if you have additional questions, please contact <>
Species name? (Scientific name of the mollusc you wish to nominate) *
Where do you live (country)? *
Where is your mollusc specimen from (country)? *
What specimen(s) do you currently have, and how are they preserved? We need specimens ready for genome sequencing (see "rules" above) *
Why is this mollusc the best mollusc? (maximum 280 characters / ~55 words) *
Your email address (we need to contact you if your species is selected for the final vote!) *
Do you have good photos or video of your species, in case you are a finalist?
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What will your mollusc win?
For the winning mollusc:
TBG will provide sequencing and assembly of a draft genome.
We will assist with ensuring compliance with the Nagoya Protocol.
We will cover shipping costs to transport specimens for sequencing (but not costs for field work).
The data will be shared between the nominating person(s) and the Mollusc Genomics Team at Senckenberg / TBG. We can arrange help with analysis and publication, or you do this yourself, this is your choice as the nominator of the winning mollusc.
The winner will be determined by a popular vote.

Frequently Asked Questions
- How does this work?
Step 1: You nominate your favourite mollusc.
Step 2: The Senckenberg / TBG Mollusc Genomics Team and representatives from Unitas Malacologica decide the top 5 nominated molluscs.
Step 3: An open public vote decides the winner!
Step 4: During 2025 we will sequence the genome of the International Mollusc of the Year.

- When will I hear from you?
We might get in touch to confirm some details (specimen availability). Otherwise, everyone who submits a nomination will be informed by email when the top 5 are announced.

- How will you decide the top 5?
Our team includes people working on terrestrial, freshwater and marine species, and all classes, so we promise to be fair! We also need to consider the technical viability of the project, as well as how a species would contribute to broader goals for the malacological community, such as closing important genomic gaps in the molluscan tree.

- What if more than one person nominates the same species?
That's OK! We will consider the first person to contribute a nomination to be the "lead" nominator, but we will keep everyone informed and all nominators will be welcome to collaborate on analysing the results.

- Does it have to be a well-studied species?
Not at all. We love all molluscs!

- I really like this idea, but I don't know anything about genomics.
Not a problem. If you want to take the lead on analysing the data, we will give it to you, but if you just want the joy of seeing your favourite mollusc sequenced, we will take care of it. We'll talk this through with people who nominate each of the selected top 5 species.

- Can I nominate more than one species?
Yes! As long as each species meets the specimen requirements.

- Who can nominate a species?
Anyone, of any age, anywhere.

- I have a great idea, but I don't have the specimens :-(
Sorry, we need specimens. But please take this opportunity to find others who share your idea!
You could send an email to over 500 malacologists through the Unitas Mollusca-list:
Tag your ideas on Insta/Twitter with any of @LOEWE_TBG @senckenberg @malacologica #molluscoftheyear
Nominations for 2025 close on 30 November 2024.
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