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Following Taste - How to develop an Educational and commercial potential of gastronomy
To identify the good practices that have emerged at local and / or European level in the use
of gastronomy to promote the territory and the quality of life and the environment and
understand how they can be transferred into skills to be included in initial or continuing
professional training programs, make sure to provide the entrepreneurial fabric with figures
able to meet their development needs, in order to create a new professional profile entitled TASTE LOCAL GUIDE.

The target of our project is: companies in the restaurant, agri-food and hospitality sectors and people interested in acquiring skills in these areas.

Our main aims are: recognizing the occupational needs expressed by the European territory in relation to the above trends, through an analysis of the context and above all of the good practices that have already emerged; Translate these needs into specific professional skills; Integrate these skills into initial and / or continuous training paths.

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