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FTGU Australia Application Form
This is an expression of interest application for involvement with From The Ground Up. It covers all aspects of operations, ranging from fundraising, organisational management, non-for-profit work and social enterprises/socially conscious work.

This application takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

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Section 0 - From the Ground Up Information
Need to know more about if FTGU is the right place for you? Email for an introductory information package. We advise doing so for the purposes of giving you the baseline knowledge of our work at FTGU.

You can also become a FTGU ‘member’, by completing an in-person induction held every second month. Registration is essential.

Section 1 - Application to Join FTGU
1.0 - Are you looking to be involved as a volunteer or employee? *
1.1 - How many hours per week are you looking to work? (Keep in mind this time alotment is flexible) *
1.2 - What is the expected length of commitment you are looking to make? *
1.3 What is the nature of your interest in From the Ground Up? *
1.4 What area/role do you see your involvement in? (Be specific with title and what tasks you would be doing. This can include areas that you think FTGU is not currently involved in. There are no wrong answers) *
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1.5 What background/experience do you have that ensures you can deliver within the role? Include professional, educational, volunteer and other relevant experiences. *
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1.6 FTGU team members and supporters become involved for a range of reasons, whether to develop their professional skills, network, or solely to be involved in social change. We are very proud of the diverse experiences and benefits we can provide our members. Why would you like to work with FTGU rather than another organisation? Be specific and outline all motivations. *
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Section 2 - Volunteer by doing a fundraiser
When positions are not available, volunteers who complete a successful fundraiser for us get streamlined through the application process.
2.1 What is the proposed fundraiser? *
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2.2 What would be your goals/targets? (financial, awareness, marketing, community, relations etc.) *
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2.3 What is the strategy for success? Be as unique and innovative as you can, but detail all operations and support you would need from FTGU. *
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Section 3 - Establish a Partner Business
From the Ground Up is committed to innovation and sustainability on every level. To maximise our ability to grow and support community level projects internationally, we rely heavily on the concept of social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business or venture which constitutionally reinvests all or the majority of its profits into achieving socially beneficial outcomes.

Interested in selling a product, or running a service which can be used to help fund our work? Willing to set up a cafe which can contribute financially to our work? Looking to set up your own business, and interested in using the From the Ground Up brand to launch and market it?

Get in touch with us at for a discussion or further queries regarding how we can use social enterprise to create mutually beneficial outcomes for our network of FTGU Partner Entrepreneurs and supported Communities.

3.1 - What is the business? Outline basic operations for prior screening. *
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Section 4 - Other ways to help
Our lean structure keeps non-operations costs down as well as minimises turnover. We keep passion and impact at the crux of what we do. When we have no positions available, we encourage you to get involved in other similar organisations, particularly if a path with FTGU is not appropriate for you. Feel free to reach us on for a breakdown of further opportunities. It is wonderful that you've expressed a desire to help others, and that energy should be harnessed the best way possible.
Please leave 3 references. *
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