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Fire on the Fountain 2018 Application - Performer

Q: How long should our PERFORMANCE be?
A: PERFORMANCES usually run between 5-10 minutes max.

Q: When do we PERFORM?
A: Student PERFORMANCES run from 4pm-8pm on September 27th.
Associated Students will contact you with your PERFORMANCE slot time.

Q: Where will we be performing? How big is our space?
A: Fire on the Fountain takes place on Tower Lawn. PERFORMANCES can take place on stage and/or
the circular fountain. The stage will be roughly 32’x20’ and 4’ high.
The fountain is about 50’ in diameter but will have obstructions in the back and center.

Q: Do I bring my music on a CD? Drive? Laptop?
A: We will be collecting music leading up to the event. Please get your

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