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Cut The Nuts
This is the application and waiver to apply for cut the nuts program. You are applying for aid in gelding your stallion. Each horse must be approved to be gelded by the veterinarian and Remedy Ranch Rescue. If your stallion is a cryptorchid stallion we have to raise additional funds to assist in the gelding and you will have a higher payment.
1.  Fill out waiver and application
2. Send picture of horse to or txt to (830) 456-2607
3. Nickol will contact you to confirm information and receive your $50 donation to assist in gelding. (nonrefundable)(Assistance is available to help with the donation is you are unable to afford)
3. Nickol will schedule your appointment once we have dates and times. Depending on the Veterinarian we use some are mobile and some will require you to haul in.
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We will contact your clinic but that does not mean we will work with the clinic- We will provide you options of clinics that are available that will work with our program. By tying your name below you are agreeing that you will be at your appointment on time on the date in which it was scheduled. You will not hold the clinic or Remedy Ranch Rescue liable for any complications that lead to injury or death of your horse.   *
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