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Northview High School 2019-2020 Schedule Change Request Form
Please complete this schedule change request form if you would like to change a course in your schedule. Your counselor will review your request and respond in a timely manner. The response may be via email. Please understand that the process may take a full week. No changes will be allowed unless they are deemed necessary or beneficial.

August 30, 2019 will be the FINAL DATE TO SUBMIT this form.

Please submit only 1 form or edit a previously submitted form if necessary.

*Do not use your school ID email. Please use your personal email for this form.


Below are some examples of requests that WILL NOT result in a schedule change:
1. A desire for another instructor
2. A desire for a class to be a different/specific period
3. Student requested the course but is no longer interested in the subject
4. A desire to drop or replace a class to improve GPA
5. Student is having conflicts with other students in the class
(Students need to discuss problems with the Dean)

We hope this process will be helpful.

-Northview Counseling Office

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Why are you requesting a course change? (Please remember that we cannot accommodate requests for change of instructor or order of classes.) *
What course(s) would you like to add to and/or drop from your schedule? *
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If requesting to drop a course, what new course would you like to take? If hoping to add a course, what would you like to remove? *
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Has your parent/guardian given you permission to add/drop the course and make a schedule change? *
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