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Data Accessibility Benchmark: Organizational Self-Assessment Tool
The data accessibility self-assessment tool is for use in data providing organizations to develop a benchmark to monitor progress in improving an organization’s policies and procedures for providing effective and easy access to the data and information held by them.

A PDF guide to using the tool, including the tool itself is available at:

Wording to assist users in positioning their organization on the ladders is only provided for scores ‘5’, ‘3’, ‘1’ and ‘0’. Score ‘2’ or ‘4’ if a description for level 1 or 3 is less than the situation in your organization but 3 or 5 describes a situation which your organization has not yet attained.


Funding for the development of the Data Accessibility Benchmark was provided by the Adaptation Platform Program of the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division of Natural Resources Canada.

The tool was developed by the Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee Secretariat ( in collaboration with Dr. Bertrum MacDonald, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS Canada.
Tool testing has been assisted by Robert Branton, Emeritus Scientist, Ocean Tracking Network, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS Canada.

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