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Website with testimonies 雲彩般的見證網

We are asking if you can authorize the use of your testimony. Your story and photo will be displayed on the website here:

Simply complete the form below 如果同意的話,請完成以下的表格 :

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How many years were you actively in same-sex relationships or you lived with this identity? 您有多少年過活躍的同性戀生活,或以這樣的身份定義自己? *
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How many years have you been out of this identity? 請問您離開這樣的身份定位,已經有多久了?
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How much change have you had from your Same-Sex feelings or your trans life 在改變的過程中,你從同性戀的感受,或變性者的生活,截止至今,變化程度為?
(This question is for those who may never have acted on their feelings or lived with LGT identities): I have not acted on my same-sex feelings but I have experienced change over the years and this has been(這個問題,是給那些未曾在行為上照著自己的LGT感覺或身份而行出的人): 我從未在行為上行出我同性戀的感覺,但是這些年我有經歷到一些改變,而程度是:
Did you have any ministry or therapy that helped you? 你曾有任何事工或陪伴協助過您嗎?
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