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Academies Survey
A survey to gain envolvment in Thompson's various academies, by targeting specific skills and interests and narrowing down the best academy for the individual based on the following questions.
Do you want to learn the basics of teaching?
Would you be interested in becoming a teacher?
Do you like to be challenged?
Are you willing to explore new areas of creativity?
Are you interested in learning about food and nutrition?
Are you interested in learning skills dealing with clothing, housing, budgeting, careers, and family?
Are you wanting to pursue a career in the medical profession?
Are you interested in building a medical resume for your future?
Is music one of your hobbies?
Are you interested in singing or learning an instrument?
Do you want to learn a new language?
Are you interested in learning about cultures of different countries?
Would you consider yourself a problem solver?
Are you comfortable working with technology?
Do you prefer a project based class?
Do you have a creative mindset?
Are you seeking to obtain computer skills?
Do you aspire to acquire certifications for the workforce, such as in Microsoft office?
Are you afraid of public speaking?
Do you enjoy working with others?
Are you interested in a future in the military?
Are you seeking to grow in leadership skills and gain various opportunities outside school?
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