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Food Vender Application and Agreement - OBC Labor Daze event 2019
Please fill out and submit this form if your organization or group would like to have a food booth at the 2019 Labor Daze celebration.

PLEASE NOTE: The following items are already spoken for; hot dogs (red and white), hamburgers, cheeseburgers, potato chips, water, soda, tea, coffee, gatorade, and energy drinks (specialty drinks such as loganberry, milkshakes, slush puppies etc. are still acceptable items to add to your menu items).
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We agree to pay a $250 ($350 for food trucks and trailers) vendor fee by May 1st to the Oakfield Betterment Committee.
We understand that $50 is only refundable portion of our vendor fee is pending fulfillment of our commitment to providing this listed items for the duration of the celebration.
We agree to provide our food vending service during the following days and times: Saturday September 1st - 11am - 8pm, Sunday September 2nd 11am - 8pm, Monday September 3rd 11am - 8pm
We understand that we may be limited to a 15 x 15 area to setup our booth.
We understand that we will be have access to electrical outlets but any other necessary equipment to operate our stand is our responsibility
We understand that a health permit issued by the Genesee County Health Department is required in order to serve cooked food at this event.
We agree to sell only the items that we have listed on this application.
I would like to purchase another 12x12 space for an additional $100
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