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The JVP Artist Council
THE PRIMARY GOAL of the JVP Artist Council is to support JVP’s work in the larger movement for peace and justice in Palestine as well as the U.S. from our location as artists and cultural workers.

We believe that art can play a powerful role in changing hearts and minds and envisioning a more just world. Towards this end, we are adding our voices, cultural interventions, strategies, and resources to the growing movement of people who oppose the violence of the Israeli state and its ongoing acts of colonialism, occupation, and racism against the Palestinian people.

We refuse to be complicit with Israel’s attempts to cover up and normalize this violence with its “Brand Israel” and other hasbara (propaganda) public relations campaigns, which seek to portray Israel as the progressive cultural center of the Middle East.

As a council of Jews and allies, we draw on our diverse histories, experiences, and disciplines-- including visual art, music, poetry, circus, literature, dance, theater, embodiment, comics, ritual, media, photography, technology, film/video, and more.

We seek to offer art and cultural work to both strengthen organizing as well as shape its strategy. Our hope is that the JVP Artist Council will be a place for artists/cultural workers committed to justice in Palestine to develop & grow together, and to connect with others as part of a broader intersectional movement for demilitarization, racial justice, indigenous sovereignty, human rights & dignity for all people.


GOAL 1: Transform Jewish Communities.
Our projects seek to challenge the linking of Jewishness and Zionism, and amplify liberatory, vibrant Jewish culture in the diaspora. We are committed to combating racism within Jewish communities and lifting up the leadership of non-Ashkenazi Jews & Jewish artists of color.

GOAL 2: Sustain and Support Our Allies in the movement.
Our projects seek to work accountably with Palestinian organizing and to forge links across movements for racial, gender, economic, and climate justice, to challenge intersecting forms of state violence, and create/grow joint movements of resistance. We seek to actively support, promote, and partner with Palestinian cultural resistance and Palestinian artists.

GOAL 3: Win Campaigns to Challenge Oppression, Build Power, and Influence Policy.
We seek to contribute to local and national JVP campaigns through creative cultural interventions, visionary ideas for strategy, and community resilience.

GOAL 4: Shift Culture and Public Discourse.
Our projects amplify a diverse range of Jewish voices challenging the dominant linking of Jewishness with Zionism and support of Israeli state violence. We are helping to promote a commitment to justice in Palestine as a critical part of progressive values.

GOAL 5: Build Our Capacity and Scale.
Our projects-- including performances, publications, visual art, installations, skillshares, and more-- inspire a broad range of people to engage in creative work to challenge Israeli state violence and support justice in Palestine.


Members of the ACWC--
• Are dues-paying JVP members.
• Support the Palestinian call for Cultural Boycott.
• Have capacity for and commitment to doing work, (i.e. serving as a member leader/organizer vis a vis the Arts & Culture Network, fellow Council members, JVP chapters, and/or the wider movement).
• Opt into ACWC working groups, with accountability / commitment to responsiveness & action.
• Share a commitment to the goals and values of the Council (as stated above).


• Applications are received & reviewed (by JVP Staff Organizer & at least 2 active Council members) on a rolling basis.
• Once an application is approved, the new member will be contacted and an orientation will be scheduled with the JVP Staff Organizer to discuss core information about the Council's functionality, schedule of meetings, their interest in Working Groups, the kinds of networks & resources they bring, what their current projects/ideas are, etc.
• Members make a 1-year commitment to active leadership/participation (with the option to renew).
• There will be a check-in after the first 3 months for the member and the Council to assess how participation and communication are flowing.

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Please tell us about why you would like to join the active organizing body of JVP’s Artist Council. (Please include information about your capacity to participate in the projects & processes of the Council, as well as what skills, resources, and/or ideas you are excited to bring into the work of the Council.) *
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Upon joining the Council, which Working Groups (WG) would you be interested in joining? [CURRENT WG include: Deadly Exchange (JVP National Campaign); NAI (Network Against Islamophobia); Outreach & Welcome. COMING SOON: Internal Education; Project teams; Regionally based affinity; Medium/discipline based affinity; & more!] *
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Are there any Working Groups you’d be excited to initiate / lead?
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Are you involved with any other JVP councils or caucuses? If so, which one/s? [Academic Council, Rabbinical Council, Health Advisory Council, Student Network, Labor Council, JOCSM Caucus] What would you like us to know about your involvement with them? *
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