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Usability Study Screener
Thank you for your interest. Hureo is a UX research company that conducts studies to improve the overall usability of various kinds of products. You can learn more about us at

In an effort to improve the experience of a particular mobile app, we’re looking for people who may be interested in trying it out and giving us feedback after using it. If you qualify for this study, you will receive Rs.1800 for your participation.

About this study:
What will I be doing in a usability study?
You will be asked to do some short tasks using the mobile app. And you will also be asked questions about your experience and perceptions about it.

How long is a session?
One hour

When and where?
The study will be held Monday, July 23rd 2018 to Wednesday, August 4th 2018. You will be asked to visit our office or we will share a location in your city for the study.

Interested in participating?
Please fill out this form. We’ll contact you if you qualify to participate in this study.

What are the incentive for the study?
You would help in improving the overall usability and experience of the product and we would be giving you an incentive of Rs. 1800 via Amazon gift vouchers.

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